Ro Khanna Urges Rep. Honda to Oppose Comcast Merger

FREMONT – Ro Khanna sent a letter to Congressman Mike Honda today urging him to oppose the Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable.

Below is the letter that Ro sent this morning:


The Honorable Mike Honda

U.S. Congress

Washington, D.C.


Dear Congressman Honda:

I write to respectfully request that you publicly oppose the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, which is currently pending before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  I believe that this merger is not in the best interests of the hundreds of thousands of your constituents in the 17th District of California who have no choice but to use Comcast as their cable provider.

This proposed merger would result in unprecedented concentration in the cable TV industry.  Together, Comcast and Time Warner Cable would control approximately 30 percent of the national cable market.  I believe that is an unhealthy development that will reduce competition and innovation and will result in higher and higher prices for consumers, including Comcast customers here in the Bay Area. 

Even more concerning is that the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger will result in the new company controlling 40 percent of the national market for broadband Internet.  Access to broadband is essential to our nation’s economic future, and allowing one company to control almost half of our nation’s broadband capacity is a threat to innovation and growth.  While Comcast promised to provide net neutrality over its broadband system until 2018 as part of its earlier acquisition of NBC-Universal, there is no such guarantee after that date.

I believe it is imperative for Members of Congress to speak out against this merger because the interests of consumers are being overwhelmed by Comcast’s power on Capitol Hill. The New York Times recently reported that Comcast has assembled 100 lobbyists to work on behalf of this merger, including a number of former Members of Congress.  This is yet another example of a disturbing trend in our democracy, in which the voices of average citizens and consumers are being drowned out by the money and power of special interests like Comcast.  We need our Representatives in Washington to stand up to these special interests on behalf of the people they represent.

I hope you will join with many of the constituents in your district and the editorial board of the San Jose Mercury News in speaking out against the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable – a merger that will add billions of dollars to the bottom-line of that giant company while leaving thousands of local families at risk of higher prices for cable programming and broadband access.  I look forward to your timely response to this request.


Ro Khanna

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