Legendary Football Players Team Up with Ro Khanna for a Legendary Event

Last night in Fremont, Ro's campaign was treated to an event hosted by three very special 49ers all stars: Ronnie Lott, Harris Barton, and Roger Craig. The Super Bowl Champions and dozens of their friends gathered together to celebrate Ro's candidacy and to help him raise a little bit of money in the process. All three of these amazing football players exemplify excellence, and they support Ro because they understand that Congress needs new leadership for the 21st century.


Besides celebrating with Ro, Ronnie, Harris, and Roger also took some time to sign footballs for the many fans who were in the crowd, including Pragati Grover, the winner of Ronnie's Lottery. Pragati brought her husband Mahesh as well as their son Mahir. Pragati and her family are active supporters of Ro's campaign and with her son being such a huge 49ers fan, she had to enter the lottery! 


About a half an hour into the event, it was Ro's chance to take a little bit of attention away from the football legends! He thanked the three Pro Bowlers, before speaking extensively about his experience in the Obama Administration, the book he wrote based on his experience working with American manufacturers, as well as what it will take to change Washington's political culture. "There is something fundamentally wrong with Washington," Ro said. "Members of Congress are just disconnected with every day life. We have in this country a crisis of confidence. We need to change that. We need to change the rules of Congress so that those in Congress are more like us. I have outlined five steps on how to fix Congress which I hope all of you will take a look at. Let's work together to have this new standard in politics. Let's take the risk taking from Silicon Valley to restart our politics and return them to our founding ideals."


The highlight of the evening was when Ronnie took the mic and asked all of the guests to huddle up around Ro. He looked into Ro's eyes and gave him an impassioned pep talk. "I'm always amazed by great people and what they think about" Ronnie Lott said to the huddled crowd. "Ro talked about the opportunity for us to set a new standard in Congress. What's fascinating to me is that Ro is asking all of us to buy into those new standards. What I see is someone who has really taken another step, who has stepped up to inspire young people to know that they can make a change." Ronnie turned back to Ro and said "I know you're going to win this thing. We all believe in you."

Last night we were lucky to stand in the presence of true greatness. Ronnie, Harris, and Roger have achieved so much in their football careers through hard work and dedication to excellence. In that sense, political campaigning is a lot like football. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and heart to build an organization that is capable of bringing change to the community. Ro is going to need a lot of help to bring his vision to Washington. If you want to invest in this campaign and be part of the team, please contribute. If you have a few free hours to help out, come in and volunteer to knock on doors. Or if you are curious or even skeptical about Ro's run, that's okay too. Come to a meet and greet event and learn what Ro is all about.

Ro's positive message impressed several of the greatest football players of all time - and we're hopeful that you will be just as inspired. Take a look at Ro. Read about his stance of the issues, and if you like what you see, tell your friends. The grassroots needs to team up to win this thing for Ro and the 17th district.