Let's Spread the Truth

When Ro launched this grassroots campaign, he pledged to make this a transparent debate about the big ideas to move our community forward. Since announcing his candidacy in April, he has gained support from voters across the district -- talking to people at their doors, hosting meet-and-greets, and visiting with stakeholders from all backgrounds.

Together, we are all committed to running a campaign that is based on facts and ideas rather than insults and demagoguery.

That’s why today, we are excited to launch the Truth Squad.

The Truth Squad is a group of volunteers here in the 17th District that shares a commitment to setting the record straight on the issues that matter most.

As a member of the Truth Squad, you’ll get updates and tip sheets so you can make sure your friends, neighbors, and family have the facts about this race. All the information on the Truth Squad will be fully sourced, so you can see where we got it.

This campaign is about you. It’s about electing a representative who will fight for the people here in the 17th District. That’s why we need you to help keep this race focused on the issues that matter for our future, and away from name-calling:


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