Do You Support the People's Pledge?

Today, Ro sent a letter to Congressman Mike Honda, asking him and any other candidates in the 17th District to take the People’s Pledge. The People’s Pledge – championed by Elizabeth Warren in her 2012 Senate race – aims to keep independent expenditures and super PACs out of the race. Read Ro's letter here. 

The Honorable Mike Honda

2050 Gateway Place, Suite 100, PMB 218

San Jose, CA 95110


Dear Congressman Honda,

I was encouraged to see your Tweet yesterday about your co-sponsorship of House Joint Resolution 25, to amend the Constitution and overturn Citizens United. We are in complete agreement on this important issue. Unlimited spending by outside special interest groups is polluting our politics.

Today, I invite you to join me in asking independent expenditure campaigns and super PACs, many of which rely on outside donors, to keep their money out of the 17th District race.

Let’s stand together with the other candidates in this race and take the same People’s Pledge Senator Elizabeth Warren and her opponent did to keep independent expenditures out of their race in 2012.

Senator Warren and Scott Brown agreed to pay a penalty of 50 percent the cost of any TV, radio, or Internet advertising by an outside group – whether that ad supported the candidates themselves or aimed to attack their opponent. The money would be donated to a charity chosen by the other candidate. I believe we should embrace this landmark agreement and expand it to include direct mail expenditures as well. By saying no to all forms of advertising from outside groups, we are taking a real stand against Citizens United.

Senator Warren said at the time that by taking the pledge, she and Brown “have now moved beyond talk to real action to stop advertising from third-party groups.”  She was right.  Their pledge effectively stopped super PAC expenditures from getting involved in their race.

I hope you will take this pledge with me – and join me in asking any other candidates who may enter this race to do the same.

As the heart of Silicon Valley, the 17th District is our nation’s capital of innovation. We have a real opportunity to lead on this issue, too.



Ro Khanna