Rep. Mike Honda gets his House district wrong — listen to voicemail

From the San Francisco Chronicle 

By Carla Marinucci


Seven-term Rep. Mike Honda is in a spirited re-election battle with fellow Democrat Ro Khanna to represent California’s 17th Congressional District in the South Bay.

That’s the 17th District — although on his DC office voice mail, Honda invites his constituents from the “15th District” to get in touch.


In the message, Honda himself greets callers, gives them the rundown and concludes: “If you are a constituent of the 15th District, please include your mailing address. Have a great day.”

As we’ve reported, the congressman won’t actually be able to vote for himself in the Nov. 4 election.

The 19th is Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s district, and Honda also maintains his CA-17 House office there. The 15th CD is Rep. Eric Swalwell’s.

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Where in the World is Mike Honda?

Honda campaign said he is “booked through August”, now has ZERO events on schedule for entire month 

FREMONT – With a five week recess just around the corner, Congressman Honda has ZERO August public events listed in the events section of his website. This is shocking considering that the break is intended to be an opportunity for representatives to return home and engage extensively with their constituents. In response to this lack of accessibility and transparency, the Khanna campaign today launched a competition for voters in the 17th district: whoever comes up with the most creative guess for where Congressman Honda is going to be during August recess wins a free lunch on the campaign!

“There are two very simple questions that Rep. Honda’s constituents deserve answers to immediately,” said campaign spokesman Tyler Law. “First, if he is not going to be using the August recess to meet with his constituents as the break is intended, then what is he going to be doing? Second, if Rep. Honda has events planned, but isn’t telling anybody about them, what is he afraid of? There’s been a complete disregard for accessibility and transparency and voters in the 17th district are demanding better.”

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Ro for Congress Marks 100 Days with Over 13k Doors Canvassed

170 fellows help bring total for campaign to over 190k doors 

FREMONT – Despite blistering heat throughout the 17th district, the Ro for Congress team marked 100 days from Election Day with a grassroots weekend of action. With a total of 170 summer fellows and many more volunteers working to create lasting change in the 17th district, the Khanna campaign knocked on over 13,100 doors this past weekend, bringing the total to over 190k doors canvassed.

“From day one we’ve built a campaign team that believes grassroots organizing and person-to-person contact are the best ways to create lasting change,” said campaign manager Leah Cowan. “That’s a belief that has only been strengthened by the positive response our volunteers have received both at the doors and on the phones. We’re hearing every day that voters are eager for leadership that is in touch, available, and accountable to them, and Ro Khanna's grassroots campaign is a reflection of the improvement that he’ll bring.”

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Honda Blows Off All Votes Yesterday, Including Bills He Co-Sponsored

Rep. Honda’s 447 missed votes is one of the worst attendance records in Congress


FREMONT – Rep. Mike Honda missed all four votes on the House floor yesterday. The first vote dealt with expanding access to healthcare for our Veterans, and the second bill was introduced by neighboring Congressman Swalwell. Inexplicably, he also chose to miss two more bills that he co-sponsored – one of which was a critical bill to cut off any financial access to Hezbollah.

“The bare minimum that’s expected of anyone is showing up – but Congressman Honda isn’t even doing that," said campaign spokesman Tyler Law. "On a Tuesday of all days and with only 19 work days left, it’s shocking that he would blow off four important votes, including consideration of bills that he put his name on. People across the Bay Area are working hard every day to support their families and make ends meet – they have every right to expect their Congressman to do the same. That’s why Rep. Honda should immediately disclose to his constituents where he was yesterday and what prevented him from casting votes on their behalf.”

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The American Bazaar: Mike Honda’s “Condemnation of racial slurs is colored by political correctness, opportunity.”

From the American Bazaar

By Sujeet Rajan

It’s commendable for Japanese American veteran Congressman from California Mike Honda to condemn Fox News host of ‘The Five’, Bob Beckel, over using the racially offensive term ‘Chinaman’ in a rant against online hacking by people from China.

But did Honda – who represents the only Asian American majority congressional seat in the US, in the San Jose area – show any respect for his fellow Democrat and competitor in the November polls, Ro Khanna, when a campaign associated with him sent out mailers recently with blown out photos of the brown-skinned Khanna with the loaded messages ‘Don’t let Ro Khanna outsource our jobs,’ and ‘Sending jobs overseas.’ The answer: No.

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Statement of Ro Khanna on Senator Murray’s Bill to Reverse Hobby Lobby Decision

FREMONT – Ro Khanna released the following statement today on Senator Patty Murray’s effort to overturn the recent Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, effectively stripping women of access to contraceptive care: “I’m encouraged to see that Senator Murray is championing legislation to make sure that businesses are not making healthcare decisions for their employees. The recent Hobby Lobby ruling was a huge blow to not only women’s rights, but to individual liberty. While religious freedom is a fundamental part of American democracy, we cannot let that be used to take rights away from others.


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Ro Khanna Responds to House Ethics Committee Decision to Let Lawmakers Forego Reporting Privately-Sponsored Travel


Khanna reiterates pledge to not take special interest-funded trips and calls on Congressman Honda to continue disclosing his travel receipts

FREMONT – Ro Khanna issued the following statement in response to a National Journal report that members of Congress are no longer required to report privately-sponsored travel, included that paid for by special interests, on their annual financial disclosure forms:

“I am deeply concerned by the decision, which was made by the House Ethics Committee without public scrutiny. The change will undo decades of precedent for lawmakers to report which groups or individuals pay for their travel – the very least our legislators should be required to do in a system that sorely needs more, not less, transparency.

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Khanna Calls on Honda to be more Transparent


Congressman Honda should release travel schedule & honor commitment to do multiple debates

FREMONT – Ro Khanna today challenged Congressman Honda to meet his own standards of transparency and accountability, which he recently wrote about in a Silicon Valley Business Journal op-ed. Rep. Honda used the piece to tout his support of the DATA Act, and the importance of making “our government more efficient and accountable”.

Unfortunately, both Rep. Honda’s Congressional office and campaign have lacked the same basic level of transparency that the DATA Act calls for – falling far below the standard expected of public officials. During this campaign he has refused to participate in any debates, even though he did twelve when he first ran for Congress in 2000, and has repeatedly relied on handlers to shelter him from the press. Further, he has held only two town halls in the last year, one of which he fell asleep at. The San Francisco Chronicle criticized him in an article for not doing a single town hall during the August recess.

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Statement of Ro Khanna on Rep. Honda’s Selectivity when Speaking Against Racial Insensitivity


FREMONT – Ro Khanna released the following statement today on Rep. Honda’s continued refusal to speak out against his supporters' racially coded attacks against the Indian American community:

"I am pleased that Congressman Mike Honda has spoken out in support of the recent decision repealing trademark registration for the Washington Redskins’ offensive name.  But Honda’s action begs the question of why he continues to avoid speaking out against a similarly racist campaign mailer directed at the Indo-American community in the final days of the primary campaign.

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Statement of Ro Khanna on the Obama Administration’s New Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives

FREMONT – Ro Khanna released the following statement today on the Obama Administration’s new advanced manufacturing initiatives:

“I’m very encouraged by the Obama Administration’s new advanced manufacturing initiatives, which include working with local governments to expand access to R&D facilities and build more public-private partnerships. It’s absolutely critical that we double down on our commitment to growing advanced manufacturing opportunities, as this is a sector where we hold a significant competitive advantage over the rest of the world.

“That's why I worked to support manufacturers as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and then went on to write a book on best practices and strategies for creating good paying advanced manufacturing jobs here in the United States. Making sure that we give our workers 21st century skills – which requires investing in advanced manufacturing training – is a central pillar of my job’s plan, and is one of many areas where this Congress has failed.”

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